About Us

Art has had a life-long interest in miniatures and has utilized the skills learned as a high school student working in a porcelain doll studio, as well as mastering calligraphy and paper quilling, in his miniature work. As a doll collector, Lula learned needle work, dress making and ceramics, however her passion has always been flower design and arranging.

When Art was on the steering committee for the 1986 NAME convention, "A Chicago Shopping Spree," a committee position was opened because of illness of a committee member. The chairman convinced Lula, although she wasn't a miniaturist, that the majority of the work had been completed and she would just be "there" as a figure head.  Mistake #1.

The first phone call Lula received was from an irate convention attendee who was in high dudgeon and demanded to know why her raffle item had been declined; since her miniature creations were highly desirable and were in many well-known collections. She sputtered, saying she just could not understand why her item had been rejected since, after all, she was a long-time member of one of the most premier and outstanding miniature clubs in the United States. Lula attempted to explain that the raffle items were of a limited number and of a very specific design, and that the former committee member had become ill and passed away. The attendee exclaimed, "That is not acceptable, how dare she be so inconsiderate as to pass away."

At the next steering committee Lula explained to the group what had occurred. It was then that the chairman explained to Lula that as a committee member she had to do a room-box. "What is a room-box," she asked?  Mistake #2.  She was hooked.